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"With Kris's help we were able to set up Full STEAM Ahead, a comprehensive and exciting program at our Pre-School and Afterschool centers. Our enrollments are up and the kids love it!" - Ms. Deepti Mohta, Tulip Kids

"Kids that don't normally come on specific days turn up on the day Ms. N comes in to teach science. Also, it is amazing how much kids remember of what they learn" - Ms. Sonal, Preschool Teacher.

"Don't stop the hands-on STEAM sessions - kids really love it!" - Ms. Sneha Vedula, Tulip Kids

" I have heard from several parents and they absolutely love these STEAM classes." Ms. Neetu, Preschool Director.

Call us at 971 221 0172 or 408 693 5551 for more information about our fun Math & Science programs for your children!

Our focus is on:

After School Programs

Preschool programs

Summer and Vacation camps

In-Class short sessions


As Randy Pausch said “The best way to teach somebody something is to have them think they're learning something else. I’ve done it my whole career. And the head fake here is that they’re learning to program but they just think they’re making movies and video games.” 

Our goal is an enrichment program for early exposure to application oriented complex Math and Science concepts. The teaching technique leans heavily on the “Head Fake” exhorted by Randy Pausch. Little minds solve problems and come up with creative solutions while playing games that involve setting up a story!

Currently offering at 3 Preschool and 2 Afterschool locations with Tulip Kids Inc...And Growing!!