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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take 100% online classes?

Yes. You can decide to do all your learning online. 

How are classes conducted?

Classes are conducted either at home, our location or online in a one-on-one or group type session setting. You have lots of options to choose from.

Can I work at my own pace?

Yes, you will have a lot of input into the pace that we set for you. Our curriculum is flexibly structured to be tailored on an individual basis.  

Student Resources

  • Our students have access to: 
  • World class online material and special cheat sheets.
  • Expert-led tutoring
  • Shortcuts and tricks to cut down on your exam time
  • ​Much, much more!

Featured Program

Our Exam Prep  program is very well liked by students from public, charter and private schools. 

Parents are very interested in exposing their children to our Hands On shows 

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Mission Statement

To be a leading provider for Math & Science and Exam Prep material

About the owner

Recent PhD, Electrical Engineering

Staff-volunteer, High School Digital Electronics Course

Contract Tutor - Study Wizards

Science Camp Instructor, teacher (Pre-K through College experience.)

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